If all single registration of the role you perform are taken, you can still register alone for that role
and as soon as we receive a registration that balance your participation/role,
you will receive the email with the full admission.

Places available for single registrations:
30 leaders | 30 followers | 30 double role dancers

How do I register?
In the registration form, fill the your information for your dancing role and in the other role write :
“single follower”, or "single leader", or "single double role".

What happens after registering?
If you enter in the first 30, you will immediately receive an admission email.
For registration above number 30, we will match/balance your role and admit both dancers.

Is this still under the idea of first comes first serves?

Will I have any link/responsibility with the person you match me with?
No. The matching is only on our end to balance the event and for our own administration only.

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JUNE  28 - 29 - 30 | 2024

Save THe DatE

Registrations are open

Mainly couple registration
only 30 places for single registrations in each role


Registrations are open

If you have any problem with the registration form,
you can send us an email with the required information (see below)
and we will take into consideration the time when your email reached our email account,
so your registration is placed on the list accordingly.

25 dancing hours in 3 days

with international DJs

& live music


A unique TANGO experience in the company of Bandoneon Maestro Orlando Dibelo and his protégé, Ruth Rozelaar, where YOU (yes YOU!) get to choose the music that you want to dance to!

You will have the chance to request your favourite dance Songs from a  selection of 250 titles in the Tango Fakebook series that we will provide you.

Then your choices will  get woven into tandas by the equivalent of a DJ, and Orlando and Ruth will play the tandas for you LIVE in a complete improvisation style called "A La Parrilla".

& Possible to eat at place

& Amazing venue in brugge, belgium

our vision

the idea is to have a place open for everybody,
where dancers of all levels and roles feel welcome,
and where dancers get challenged
to dance the different styles that belong
to the argentine tango history
(canyengue, milonguero, salon and nuevo),
while also keeping a general fresh atmosphere.

mainly we will do our best to recreate as close as possible,
what happens in argentine milongas.

frequent questions:

is this a neo or contact-tango event?

no. we limit only to the styles mentioned above.

is it mainly traditional music?

yes, the event will run mainly on traditional music, while also having one or two tandas per DJ set of nuevo or alternative music.

djs have the freedom to introduce or not danceable cortinas in all different rhythms: nuevo, alternative, chacarera, swing, rock, salsa, etc.

this is exactly what happens in argentine milongas



we encourage you to visit the beautiful city of brugge
and explore every corner!

16.00-21.00: Afternoon Milonga (with buffet from 18.00)
21.00-02.00: evening Milonga

16.00-21.00: Afternoon Milonga (with buffet from 18.00)
21.00-02.00: evening Milonga (with Live Music)

13.00-18.00: Afternoon Milonga


We will not do any dancers filtering after registration.
first comes, first serves.
(there are places for 200 participants)

30 singles for leader role
30 singles for follower role
30 singles for double role
110 couple registration

Please leave the single registration for those who really
need them, if you can, please register with a partner,
you will be helping us and also the event!

We need your collaboration to have a balanced weekend!
We storngly believe that collectively we can make this work!
Thank you for helping!

to register you need

- your Full name, dancing role and email of you
If you register with partner, then also:
- Full name, dancing role and email of your partner

price and what is included

the registration includes:
all dancing activities
with international djs and live music.
snacks, coffee, tea and water.

registration does not include:
meals, buffet, drinks from the bar, accommodation, parking, transportation.

Price per person € 135.

cancellation policy

payment is not refundable - you can transfer your ticket to another person (that  dances your role) and informing us for the administration.

plan your trip

address of the venue

Oud Sint-Jan, Zonnekemeers,
8000 Brugge, belgium.

parking possiblities

- you can park at the venue
- also at the train station is cheaper
- some places in the outside riNg are for free.

brugge, A city to explore ...

info at:

Looking forward to seeing you and
HAVE A celebratION together !

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in partner with