Covid situation makes this project not possible at the moment.

However, we have to thank you all for the supportive emails to keep this project alive
and the enthusiasm that came back in every registration email!

We will be working hard to fix a new starting date when it is possible and safe for everybody! :)

Stay in tune! :) 

a safe place where we can work and share tango, away from covid
In search of a perfect balance between tango, joy, safety, and covid regulations…  this concept was born.

A place where tango lovers, like you and us, can work on our job during the day, and share tango activities and training every day for one full month.

We all agree on 3 concepts:

Safe environment

  • We will all arrive with a PCR negative result less than 72 hours old.
  • We will have a quick test every week, during our month together.
  • If at any moment the test is positive, the participant has to leave and we will refund the not used days.
  • The event will take place under the Sanitary Protocol drawn up by our venue
  • This way, we all know we are all safe to share time together, hugs, tango, and dance.

Working on your job from the Tango House

  • There will be an empty schedule until 5 pm for you to work on your own jobs from the tango house (internet will be provided).
  • After 5 pm the fun will start! We will bring you activities every day, going from body training, milongas, practicas, movies, tango and tango and ... a little more tango... and other activities!

Tango activities

more about them at

  • The main idea is to train you as deep as possible for one full month in seven different tango layers:

    •  Technique
    •  Movements, figures, and steps
    •  Connection
    •  Musicality
    •  Expressiveness
    •  Social
    •  Tango Knowledge
  • Why these layers? We'd love to take you onto the path that we walked and experienced in our own tango dance development.
  • One group, one month, one class input brings you a holistic approach to tango. Each can experience, share, discuss, explore and exchange with us
  • As in most of our tango trainings, we welcome all Tango dancers regardless of experience or role.  We all train and dance with each other.

When will this magic happen?

Our home will be Gut Frohberg (Dresden area) DE

  • An amazing place where we will all have private rooms with a bathroom (only 15 available for our group).
  • We will also have a meeting room where we will share our activities together.
  • Lots, really LOTS of space to walk around.
  • A private lake nearby!
  • 3 meals per day served in the group dining room.

Price and what it includes

  • Accommodation for one month (single or double occupancy)
  • 3 meals per day for the whole stay (breakfast | lunch | dinner).
  • All the tango activities and training from Natalia and Agustin.

Tango participant in a single room

€ 2.490 per person

Tango participant in a double/twin room

€ 2.290 per person

Non-tango partner in a double/twin room

€ 1.790 per person

Register now
Only 15 rooms available
No payment will be asked before we have a confirmed start date


Let's get together!