A course 100% focused on the technique and expressiveness layers
-Part A-


  • Single or in a couple registration (you don't need a partner for the course).

  • 12 screens max.

  • Space needed: 1meter x 2 meters.

  • Total of 8 classes (two months - one class a week).

  • €120 per person (equivalent to €15 per class).

  • Classes via Zoom.

  • Plenty of visualizations for faster understanding of musical elements.

  • Multi-view system with three camera angles (so you can view a 3d motion through a flat screen)


  • Recorded class link for 1 week.

  • Training exercises between classes.

  • Chat group for questions and doubts.


Every Sunday
From 8.00 PM to 9.00 PM (Paris Time).
Starting date: May 9th, 2021
Finished date: June 27th, 2021.


What we will be working on?

These elements gave us dancers' eyes…and opened the possibility to recreate expression and motions from musicians and musical dancers.

All Material is supported by

Why did we choose to work on these layers?

We really believe that the best dancers we have seen or experienced had a great balance of many tango layers. They were not only good in sequences and steps or just good in musicality. There is a fully holistic approach behind their dance, which is usually hard to find as students. Why? Well, we think it is because all these layers are frequently taught separately and it is left to the student, to connect them.
Our intention of assisting in this hole of the learning process is what had inspired our workshops and classes worldwide. 

In addition, at the beginning of 2021, we did a survey on what dancers thought was needed in the "learning tango journey".
The result couldn’t be more holistic! confirming the idea that sharing tango from a multi-layer perspective and creating sense from any angle, do make a change in students from any level. 

This course has its focus in the second two most voted layers:

While still supported by Musicality concepts (first most voted layer).

"We work to maximize each person's creativity, improvisation and freedom,
letting them find in tango, a comfortable place for authentic expression."