NYA Tango

Summer Meeting
August 7-11 2024

A place to dive deeply in tango, musicality and subtleness...
and above all being together...


If you value friendship, warm atmosphere and you are interested in tango musicality, soft communication and connection,
come and join us for this weekend!


One event... a culture inmersion

During the development of our dancing, we had to deeply dive in many layers and aspects of tango...

Unfortunately, all this different aspects were never condensed on a single teacher or a couple.
So we were receiving inputs on these layer, little by little and from different sources, and it was completely up to us to link  and make sense of them and their relationship with each other.

This process was many times so frustrating (so much contradictory information) and it made the learning so much harder longer than... nowadays, we prefer to incorporate all these layers on our workshops, bringing a more holistic approach to tango and shortening the learning process.

There is a crazy idea building up!! :)

Mind blowing full tango immersion !!

As we shared already, balancing the different tango layers is a very important part of our workshops and events planning!
Therefore, this time we have the crazy idea to immerse you in a full round experience.

...what are we focusing on this time

The morning sessions will focus on the technique layer, while also slightly touching expression and connection! Special way but such a booster on the learning curve!

The afternoon session... connection!
We will have as a focus point for the morning sessions, "Couple Technique", and as a focus point for the afternoon sessions, "Connection".

Each focus point are the main practice/training layer, to consequently analyze their interaction with the rest of the layers, achieving the holistic approach.

+ Challenge room again!

A 24hr training room for you to practice and explore when ever you want! but... but... but... also, there will be around 8 different games and challenges to well... challenge you!
You can train alone, and with a partner! These games are connected to fundamental tango elements.
We noticed that some  "out of tango" exercises, can teach us very useful tools and much faster than a traditional "tango class"!
So the playroom is open for you!

+ Cinema

And also! to complement with the "Tango knowledge" layer, there will be a cinema room, with some short documentals about old milongueros, orchestras, conductors, dancers and local Argentine festivals.
Something worth to see if you would like an extra "salt and pepper" in your culture experience during this week!

+ Pond of fun!

Oh one last thing! Not so tango related but it is important to say! bring your bathing suit!


Arrival day | Wednesday 7th

• Llegada (desde las 10am) | Arrival (from 10am)
• Almuerzo | Lunch
• A ver a ver! | Challenge room presentation
• Comilona | Dinner
• Milonga de Bienvenida | Welcome milonga

Daily Layout

• Desayuno | Breakfast
• Entrenamiento matutino | Morning training
• Almuerzo | Lunch
• Cafecito con musica | Practice time + coffe
• Taller de la tarde | Afternoon training
• Comilona | Dinner
• Milonga

Bye Bye Day | Sunday 11th

• Liberamos la pieza (10am) | Time to check out (10am)
• Bailamos uno mas? (hasta 12.00)| Last dance together (until 12.00)
• Almuerzo | Brunch
• Nos das una mano? (hasta las 4pm) | If you can help us disabling everything, that would be super appreciated. (until 4pm)


Food specially prepared to keep your energy going!

Drinks are included in the price.


Max. 50 participants


Full Pass 5 days, 4 nights, all inclusive!
Activities | workshops | food | drinks | accommodation

Double accommodation | (only with partner registration) |
• Max. 2 people.
• Single or double beds.
• Private toilet and shower.

Single accommodation
• Private toilet and shower.

3 People room |
‍• Max. 3 people.
• Private toilet and shower.

Camper or Tent spot |
‍• Limited electricity sockets , please ask for it in advance!!
• Common shower and toilets in the building.


In case of cancellations, the following fees apply:
• Up to 30 days in advance no fees apply.
• Up to 20 days in advance 20% of the registration price..
• From 20 to 11 working days in advance, 40% of the registration price.
• From 10 to 7 working days in advance, 60% of the registration price.
• 7 days or less to the start of the meeting: 100% of the registration price.


Guys, it is impossible to run such an event, with so many things going on without your help!
We will need a hand on kitchen duties.  One shift per person it will mean a lot to us!


We will have:
• A morning session and afternoon session every day.
• A lot of time to meet and practice together.
• Trainings and constant inputs to help you develop your musicality and technique.
• Tango knowledge room full of specially selected material to complement the workshops.
• A playground and training room for you to boost your development!
• 5 days of dancing together, sharing experiences, food and laughs!
• One fixed group for the entire event.
• Nice home-made food.

Questions? contact us...



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