Not a common trip to Argentina!

March 24th to 31st 2024

Natalia and Agustin are from La Plata, Argentina. Only one hour south from Buenos Aires City, and here... tango has its own vibe that now is spreading all over the world.

In 2023, we will be at our local Tango Festival, one of the most impressive modern tango events, with more than 35 hours of dancing and 9 of the best Tango Orchestras of today, along with shows, speeches, dance performances and 1500 participants mostly from South America, with their warmth and charisma!

Would you like to join us on this adventure into the non-touristic tango scene? It will blow your mind!

What is this week like?


Whether you are coming from Ezeiza International Airport or Buenos Aires city, we will pick you up and bring you to La Plata!

La Plata city is only an hour and a half trip from the airport or an hour from Buenos Aires city.
Usually not visited by tourists, it is therefore more natural and authentic... if you are one of those travelers that love to feel the real energy of the local people, then this is a good start for you!

7 Nights Accommodation

We will stay in a four-star hotel located in front of a plaza, right in the heart of downtown and the best of all, it is only two blocks away from the Festival Venue!

The hotel and its restaurant are personally run by their owners and they give personalized attention to each guest.
Breakfast is included with the room.

Also, the hotel has a lobby for relaxing, a gym, and a beautiful venue where we will have the group gatherings and workshops.

9 Tango Workshops
+ 4 Local Classes

We have planned a series of workshops with three main goals:
- Help you understand the local scene, how to get dances, how to connect and feel included right away.
- Train you in the elements that locals focus on the most, so you become one of us in this journey!
- Inspire you to continue growing in your dance.

How? well, have you noticed that people say how nice it is to dance in Argentina but... those Argentinians have classes with locals... so, we have decided to let you experience the local way of learning tango! We are gathering amazing teachers, some locals, some internationally known... to have the widest possible range of workshop experiences.

Important: it is not possible for us to guarantee a dance partner in the opposite role of you for this trip. However, it is important for you to know, that locals here value the intention of helping each other, for the learning process and, eventually switching roles to connect and learn. This openness is often very well received by locals.

Not only the Festival, also local milongas

As soon as we arrive to La Plata, we will visit "La Torre" milonga. It is an informal outdoor milonga that will link you right away with local dancers.
Agustin used to organize this milonga with some friends until we started traveling abroad. His friends continued to organize it, and now the space has been running since 2010 nonstop every Sunday!
Over the years, it has become a symbol of La Plata and even people from Buenos Aires travel every Sunday to dance there! 

Then on Tuesday... oh my gosh, "Lo de Raul" is a unique place! It is another local milonga that has been running since our grandparents were teenagers and best of all... it has stayed like a traditional club even nowadays!! So setting foot inside is like going backwards to 1940, when tango was danced in clubs and full of local people just sharing life in social events. If you want to feel how it used to be in the old times, then this is a place not to miss.
The venue is run by the original local family, where they cook for people and even have a family orchestra playing during the milonga.

Full Pass to La Plata Baila Tango Festival

Towards the last half of the week, the local Festival starts. It is held in an amazing venue, with around 1500 people coming from all over South America.
The place has two opposite stages, where we have the famous Counterpoint of Orchestras! In other words, it is like a duel between the best tango orchestras of nowadays!

People participate in this experience in three different ways: 
- you can just watch and listen to amazing live music.
- you can keep on dancing to amazing live music.
- or you can blend with locals in an amazing togetherness of interaction with the musicians. People jump, clap, cheer and sing together with the orchestra, expressing how alive that music is in them! A unique vibe and way to express the music, that started in La Plata and now is spreading all over the world.

If you really want to see how we live, breath and get energized by TANGO, then you have to be part of this, you won't regret it!

The festival holds 7 Orchestras in 4 nights, after-parties until breakfast time, shows, performances, debates, and lectures (only in Spanish language).

SOMETHING TO KNOW: One of the Orchestras that has been coming since the first festival is composed of ex-D'Arienzo players .... YES! they are still playing and no-one can beat them in the dueling!
Don't miss the opportunity to listen to these musicians that made history with the great D'Arienzo!

City Tour

La Plata city is beautiful... really beautiful! It has an amazing layout, just look at the aerial view and you won't believe it!
It has plazas all over and a forest! Great cuisine and bars! Local craft beers! and anything else you would like...

As locals, we are excited to show you the best spots and places to visit and eat!


One of the things we like the most is to feel together! make new friends!
For this, we have planned a welcome dinner with amazing local dishes.
Also some gatherings to meet and to share how is your experience going in the local scene and how to boost it!
And of course, a farewell lunch as a closing activity together!

Transfers Back

Some people like to stay longer in Argentina, to also get to see the touristic tango scene and the big Buenos Aires city, so ... whether you want to go to Buenos Aires or the airport to fly back home, we will take you to either place.

Not included

- Airfare
- Price is based on double occupancy. Single occupancy is possible. It has an extra charge and is subject to availability.
- Travel Insurance
- Dance Assistants
- After Parties
- Meals (except welcome and farewell meals)
- Drinks/food at the milongas/festival
- Transportation within the city
- Purchases of shoes, clothing, souvenirs, etc.


March 24th to 31st 2024

Prices includes what is described above.
Price per person in a double room € 1,190.

Price per person in a single room € 1,435.

Extra night | before or after
€ 85 per person in a single occupancy
€ 50 per person in a double occupancy*
*(with both beds occupied, otherwise it goes on single occupancy)


Cancellation policy:
The initial deposit is 100% refundable until December 1st, 2024 (note that transaction fees may be applied).
After December 1st, the deposit can not be refunded.
In case of cancellations after your first payment, you will be charged 40% of the total trip price.
After February 15th, 2024 no refunds can be given.

Contact us

Natalia and Agustin

WhatsApp: +54 9 221 548 1530
Facebook: Tango Natalia y Agustin
Instagram: nyatango
Youtube: Tango Natalia y Agustin

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