First Friday of every month
8 pm Paris Time | 2 pm New York Time

Understanding the process of digitizing shellacs and vinyls.

From the physical cleaning, needle, digitizing process,
digital cleaning and more.

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Tango Natalia & Agustin

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What we will be working on?

First month

Recognition and analyses on the four elements a tango composer can work with to create a composition. Conductors decisions and how to bring this orchestration to a body interpretation.

Second month

Analyses on the qualities of the sounds produced by the different musicians and how is the attack-decay-sustain-release (ADSR) curve of the sound.
Embodying the ADSR into the tango dance to create qualities of movements that match closer the intentions of the musicians and composition. 

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The final destination of the training is to create movements with meaning, dancing together side by side with the musical composition and instrumentation, boosting our expression thanks to the way we work with the music.
If the evolution of the course allows it, we will also overlay the stylistic approach, milonguero-style and salon-style differences, orchestras particularities, and decisions, to integrate into our dance.

Why did we choose to work on these layers?

We really believe that the best dancers we have seen or experienced had a great balance of many tango layers. They were not only good in sequences and steps or just good in musicality. There is a fully holistic approach behind their dance, which is usually hard to find as students. Why? Well, we think it is because all these layers are frequently taught separately and it is left to the student, to connect them.
Our intention of assisting in this hole of the learning process is what had inspired our workshops and classes worldwide. 

In addition, at the beginning of 2021, we did a survey on what dancers thought was needed in the "learning tango journey".
The result couldn’t be more holistic! confirming the idea that sharing tango from a multi-layer perspective and creating sense from any angle, do make a change in students from any level. 

Throughout the course, we will respect the interest distribution that came out from the survey:

"We work to maximize each person's creativity, improvisation and freedom,
letting them find in tango, a comfortable place for authentic expression."